The New Mexico Ministry Network is here to motivate, educate, and be a resource for healthy churches and healthy ministers in New Mexico. It is a Network of nearly 100 churches, 250 ministers, and over 14,000 members intent on bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to a dying world.

Women's Ministries

Women's Ministries Resources


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2014 Women's Conference Poster                                    /files/Women's Ministries/2014/March 2014/Women's-Conference-2014-Poster.png
and The Turquoise Trail
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"I AM"-The Tour May 2-9, 2014                                      /files/Women's Ministries/2014/March 2014/I-Am-2014-warrior.png
2014 Women's Ministries Brochure

Refresh Retreat Brochure
Do What You Can Cover 1

Cover Option 2

Print in landscape and cut in half lengthwise for 2

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Quarterly Report Form

Quarterly Report Instructions

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Becky's Speaker Bio

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Tina's Speaker Bio
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