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1.  Healthy Ministers

As our ministers lead their respective churches, we are committed to resourcing them effectively so that they are fully prepared for the task of ministry and fully refreshed as they minister.  We know that without healthy leadership, churches will struggle.


2.  Healthy Churches

Churches are the method that Jesus chose to perpetuate His Kingdom.  We are a part of the larger Church of God.  And we will do our part to see our local "Jerusalem" evangelized (see Acts 1:8).  Here at the NMMN, we focus our efforts and energies to assure our membership of healthy, growing churches so that the ministry thrives, and, ultimately, God's Kingdom is advanced.

3.  Leadership Development

While Jesus walked the earth, He led a group of 12 leaders to take over the work of the ministry.  We see this as a holy calling to do the same as we create disciples, not just believers.  Through our training, leadership development, and partnership, we are assuring that the greatest news mankind has ever heard is spread to all portions of our state.

4.  Bridging the Generations

Someone once said, "The Church is only one generation from extinction."  In our New Mexico Ministry Network, we do not take the truth of this statement lightly.  Without successfully handing off the Great Commission to the next generation of believers, our efforts would be in vain. Therefore we strive to see our next generation of leaders, volunteers, clergy, and laity raised up to carry on the work of the ministry.  As Psalm 145:4 declares, "One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts," we join in this holy calling and write a new legacy of creating disciples out of the next generation. 

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