Hi, I’m Gail Owen! I have the privilege of serving as the NMMN women’s director also called VIVID. In case we haven’t already met, here is a little about me: I’m married to Dereck Owen. We have pastored Tucumcari First Assembly for the past 21+ years. Like many serving in the local church, my responsibilities have been so varied that it is hard to come up with a title for what I do day to day. During my time in ministry, I’ve experienced the extremes from ‘I can’t believe I get to do this’ to ‘I want to quit.’ Besides Jesus and His calling on my life, what has sustained me is relationships… many were built through NMMN.


The greatest gift I have received through our Network is connection with others in ministry. Those connections have led to relationships that offer support, partnership and idea sharing that equip me so I can return to my family, church and community to make a bigger impact.  That's what I want to see available to women across our Network. 


              Connect      |        Equip       |       Impact

with peers & mentors | with resources & opportunities | locally & globally


These ideas are bigger than what I can accomplish on my own. So I’m assembling a team. Ladies, if these ideas resonate with you, I would love to chat with you. Call or text me (575) 403-6680.


Here’s a few things I’d like to get on your radar:

  1. If you are a woman leading in any area of your local church and you are new to the Network, your community, or a position, would you text me? At VIVID, we want to surround you with support and encouragement starting TODAY!

  2. In January VIVID will be hosting a Book Club for the purpose of leadership development. Ladies, I hope you’ll join me!

  3. Ladies, I cannot wait to see you at Network Conference. April seems far away but would you mark your calendar and consider coming?

  4. Let’s bless our missionaries this year with the best Christmas gift ever! Send your Touch the World offerings to NMMN ASAP.


Pastor, you can pass this information along to your wife and other women leading in your church. I look forward to serving the women of NMMN!



(575) 403-6680 cell


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