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• Why do we have to do them?
Background screenings are critical for the safety of our children and youth; accounting for those who are in attendance at Network-sponsored events; and appropriate status with our insurance providers. 


• Who needs a background check?
Anyone who is involved in a Network-sponsored Student Ministries, Royal Ranger, or Girls Ministries event.  Usually these events involve an overnight stay.  Check with your New Mexico Student Ministries Director, Royal Ranger Commander, or Girls Ministries Director if you need further clarification. 


• Where can I get a background check form?
Background Forms are available through the Student Ministries, Royal Ranger, and Girls Ministries web sites.  Click on the ministry with which you will be working and print the appropriate form.  Mail the form, along with the listed processing fee, to the ministry director named on the form.


• Can local church workers be run through the Network Office?
The Network Office runs background checks only for Network-sponsored Student Ministries, Royal Ranger, and Girls Ministries events.  Local church workers should be processed by the local church.  The New Mexico Ministry Network of the Assemblies of God uses Volunteer Select Plus for all its background checks.  Simply click the link below:




Network-Affiliated Church Policy Manual

Risk Management: New Mexico Ministry Network Policy and Procedures Manual



Assemblies of God Position Papers




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